I'm Robert Zimtea, a software engineer with over 15 years of experience. My journey in the tech world began in 2007, when my curiosity in game hacking led me to explore C++ and reverse engineering. This newfound interest grew into a passion, and soon I found myself managing gamehacking.com. This role introduced me to the world of web technologies, including PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL, gradually shifting my focus towards freelance work for a diverse range of clients.

In 2011, I became part of a team aiming to launch ogrr.com, a platform for trading digital game assets like WoW and Diablo gold, and Steam items. Unfortunately, the project was not released. Subsequently, I co-founded an e-commerce company and served as its CTO, where I built the entire platform from scratch and transitioned from the previous SaaS model. Over the next eight years, I developed innovative systems such as auto-scaling, auto-healing, anti-fraud mechanisms, smart shipment bundlers, marketing campaign tools, and CI/CD processes, primarily using PHP, Postgres, Redis, and Golang.

By 2019, feeling the need for a new challenge, I ventured into creating my own projects and applications, leading to the development of maile.io, taverno.io, and livecounter.io during the .io era. However, an opportunity in the financial sector soon presented itself, and I've been working in that field since. Due to confidentiality, I can't share much about this experience.

Apart from my professional pursuits, I enjoy photography, motorcycle riding, and various DIY projects at home.