4 Weeks in Bali: From Canggu to Ubud

Posted on December 12, 2022 [travel] [photography]

Bali is a beautiful and enchanting island that offers a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and culture. I recently had the pleasure of spending four weeks in Bali with my girlfriend, and it was an unforgettable experience. We explored the island, tried new foods, met friendly locals, and soaked up the sun.

We started our trip in Canggu, a laid-back beach town known for its surfing and yoga scene. We stayed in a cozy villa close to the beach and rented a scooter to explore the surrounding areas. We visited popular spots such as Tanah Lot Temple, the numerous beaches and awesome cafes. We also stumbled upon some hidden gems, such as a secluded waterfall and a local market where we tried some delicious Balinese warung food....

Lessons in cybersecurity, Part I

Posted on February 18, 2022 [security] [stories]

Here's a little story from the trenches, from far far away when I was a kiddo learning my way through webservers, PHP and vulnerable (pirated) bulletin boards software.

👋🏻 Intro

A long time ago around 200* something, I was really interested in game hacking related topics and somehow I got in charge of a big forum in the niche. That was my first intro to PHP and anything web related and while being quite good in C++/assembly and having some knowledge of how to breach software security I had stumbled into a fresh new world....

GBrowse selected lines and copy to clipboard

Posted on February 15, 2022 [development] [git] [vim]

When talking with colleagues over chat about certain parts of the code it’s very helpful to show and give context as quickly as possible.


Hello world, again❗

Posted on August 26, 2021 [ramblings]

Well well well ... here I go again!

Another attempt at something that should resemble a personal blog, after more than 14 years in the system and more than 5 attempts, hopefully this is the one that lasts. ...